Perfect for Demanding Line-Haul & Heavy Construction Adaptable. Powerful. Good for business and Mack Trucks most versatile truck.

Our biggest-selling model the Mack Trident can pull up to 131 tonnes.

Axle Back or Axle Forward?
When we say versatile, we mean it. That’s why we offer Trident with two steering axle positions: Axle Back and Axle Forward.


  • Axle Back configuration – Perfect for line haul
  • The front axle position offers excellent manoeuvrability for the Axle Back configuration
  • Axle Forward configuration – Perfect for tipper and dog applications
  • Powered by the Mack MP8 500hp or 535hp engine delivering up to 1920 lb-ft of torque
  • mDRIVE automated manual transmission takes all the effort out of gear changes
  • Quiet and comfortable cab
  • Great fuel economy and low emissions
  • Optional Road Stability Advantage rollover prevention
  • Designed and built in Australia for Australian conditions