B8RLE Euro 5


We are proud to present the Volvo B8R, the successor to the legendary global best-selling Volvo B7R. We have kept all the proven features and further refined them with Volvo’s latest technology.

The Volvo B8R is a true money maker in the city, intercity and coach applications. It is built with your business in mind, with a focus on your long-term profitability and total cost of ownership.


  • Truly versatile with a gross vehicle weight of up to 19 tonnes and medium floor or low entry.
  • Volvo 8-litre engine gives you more power while maintaining excellent fuel economy.
  • Our most fuel-efficient engine ever.
  • Choose from two automotive transmissions.
  • Built in hydraulic retarder as standard.
  • One of the most durable rear axles ever built.
  • Service internals up to 400,000km.
  • ESP as standard.