UD Trucks

High performance trucks delivering ultimate dependability.

UD Trucks have built its reputation around its brand name – Ultimate Dependability. With the brand’s solid performance in technical innovation, reliability, economy, low operating costs and toughness – you can’t go wrong with a UD. UD Trucks boasts a variety of features bound to please any truck enthusiast.

Our heavy duty range is perfect for any type of heavy duty work that requires brains as well as brawn. Our New Quon range includes features that redefine the Japanese truck market and ultimately keep you on the road longer, like bigger payloads, better safety, smarter fuel efficiency and respect for the environment, and improved driver comfort. Plus our New Quon range has the best safety features in a heavy duty Japanese Truck in Australia.

The Condor may be our smaller models but when it comes to features it thinks big. Every truck comes with Euro 5 rated SCR emissions technology and fuel saving automatic transmission with Eco shift. It has the strength to get the job done and the technology to get it done more efficiently and more reliably.

Truck uptime, fuel economy, whole-of-life costs, driver comfort and fatigue management, aftersales services – a smart owner operator or fleet buyer is thinking about far more than just performance stats when it comes to finding the ideal truck for the job. That’s why UD Trucks prides itself on giving customers a total package they can rely on and trust in the long term.

Our UD Truck Range

Quon 8-Litre

Quon 11-Litre