Most people would say it’s all about efficiency. A big word, but what does it really mean in practice? Well, to us it means a truck that’s rolling when it’s supposed to. A truck that does so using every drop of fuel to its maximum. A truck that makes the job of the bodybuilder easy – and fast – regardless of superstructure. And, not least, a truck that allows drivers to do their job better with less effort. This is exactly what we designed the new Volvo FM to be. A truck where you’ll find many innovative features that we believe will change your day. Welcome to your future transport specialist.


  • Volvo Dynamic Steering.
  • I-Shift.
  • Dynamic headlights.
  • I-SEE technology.
  • Packed with cabin features and space.
  • Handles like no other truck.
  • Driver interface.
  • Rear air suspension.
  • Bodybuilding interface.
  • Load handling.
  • Rear view mirrors.
  • Clever Chassis layout.
  • Driver support systems.